A Child’s Smile is worth million

She was in her room watching her favorite TV show, yet her eyes rolled over the room, to the corner where her mom was working and her dad was working. Even though she heard everything going on in her show, she had small portions listening to everything around her. Her keenness was at its best.

She was switching the channels and watching something that interested her. The wait went longer and longer.

Her parents were busy on their laptops, in their own world, busy earning every penny they could to make her life happier and secured.

But what did they forget?

They forgot to enjoy the present paving way for the future.

Ruining your present to make a future would be the worst decision every. As they got busy in their works, they forgot to share the joy and happiness that she wanted to share with her family.

The silent weep went on for a long time. Until suddenly, there was a sudden distraction in her mother’s work, she looked up at her, and there she saw the need in her eyes. She left her work, and went on to her, sat beside her, with the intention to help her out.

And to add to her happiness, her dad to joined, it was like a blessing to her from GOD who was silently listening to her.

How could he every turn down the lil girl’s prayer?

The joy was uncountable in her eyes. It was when her parents decided that they would never carry forward their work to home, and be with their precious one.

To enjoy the future, never sacrifice the happiness of your present. Life is just once, one cannot regain what is lost.

The smile of your child is more important than any other worldly pleasures.

Bright winter mornings


With the morning rays touching the cheeks and shining brightly on her face, she woke up to a beautiful winter morning. The time when the rays of the sun had the winter touch a soft cold touch with light heat. The mornings are pleasant, she could hear the chirping of the birds, the bright eastern light is slowly creeping into the house.Even though the morning is quite inviting, she wanted to curl in her bed and just pretend sleeping and fall into her dreams.

It was time, it was time to go, there was no point in going back to sleep, nature was calling her. And she got up and freshened up and went to the kitchen. First thing in the morning she wanted was a hot cup of tea. The water was kept for boiling and milk aside. As she opened the tea, the aroma of the tea just struck in her soul. She always loved the smell, reminding her of her childhood days.

The tea was done and she took her cup of her tea to the couch. The early mornings are just her time, she just wished no one stole it from her. Just she herself and the warm cup of tea. The winter light sun w as smiling brightly. As she looked outside there were many birds chirping and flying and trying to find something on the ground. She kept gazing at them for some time. She was happy and smiling.

The soft touch of the breeze was caressing her face and making her tea colder.The light shade of fog and the beams of the sunlight cutting across the fog was an enigmatic beauty to watch for.

As she took a sip of her tea, she could feel the tea rolling down her food pipe to her tummy. The feeling is tickling her soul. The relaxed mornings are the perfect time to plot her day.

As she took her second sip, there came a call from the bed behind her “mama, I need you”. The smile on her face brightened up, as you could the smile spreading on her cheeks to her little one’s cheeks. The warmth of love is something that makes the mornings worthwhile.