How am learning to be a listener from my daughter

My little ones as any other child live to keep me aside and listen to all that is happening in her day.She wants me to listen to it fully without interrupting her. She never compromises on my work or anything else I have to do. Even if I turn my eyes off her, she gets angry . The very same moment she stops saying and gives me a look . The killing look , that implies ” Mom you are not listening to me ” .

All she just want is my attention and interest in her stories.

If she sings we must clap, but not sing along with her . It is her chance to portray her talent , hence she hates interruptions. Initially, as every mom, I just wanted to help her but every time I did it, she got angry and upset. So then she learned the first lesson not to interrupt her.

If she is narrating her experience, I should not do nay thing else, but keep listening to her ,because I have to be prepared to answer her questions in between. Yet another lesson of patience to stick to her words is also an important chapter, yet to learn 😉

Actually, parenting is not me teaching her, but am learning from her.

As a parent it is important for me to learn to listen to her, every time, to be with her and cherish the moments. Like many other moms, even I tend to deviate and keep myself busy on my mobile phones and TV or any other activities , that keep me just giving half my mind to what she says. It is when I realized how badly am hurting my daughter.

If I wish my child to listen to me, then first I should listen to her.