Struggling to get over

As they lay together, closer to each other, cuddling and not allowing one another to leave the space. The journey of that love continued for years and years, and it was just growing up to be more intense and lots of commitment.  As years went by, they watched together, slept together, they were an inseparable pair.

One day finally she decided, it is time to move on, but despite the many time she tried, the love and warmth she was gaining there, could never find a replacement. The struggle continued for hours, but in the end, when there was nothing to be done, they had to give up. 

But the love and the need was at the top as the seasons changed, they realized, they could never be apart. As she tries to get away nature forced them to be bonded again. With falling leaves and changing seasons and the sun shining brightly, she decided it’s time to set herself free. The struggles continued even then. With intense revolving air around them, she had no options but to still hang on. 

Finally, she admitted that she needs the presence always and forever. And she wrote a thank you letter to make the situation better. 

Dear blanket ,

 The more I try to run away from you, you are pulling me towards you. I cannot sleep without you. The warmth and coziness you award to me are irreplaceable. Kindly apologize for my craziness to leave you alone on the bed. I would never do it again, let’s be pals forever. 

Yours lovingly,