Struggling with my clock



Oh, its late already 6!!!

And am still in the bed, thinking and imagining, what next. I cannot imagine the pile f works pending right in front me. Yet I have to calm down.

Take things slowly.

Again it is a new phase, and am not sure how to handle. I know it is just a phase and it will pass sooner. I have to stay calm, let all the bricks fall in place. I have to memorize what all lessons I learned from my mom, who is efficient in managing time.

At hard times, I keep wondering how people do all these and still keep up with everything around them. I feel at times , that am missign something, loosing something or even not doing anything.

I look at the wall clock, it is like racing with me, and my kids are competing with my cleaning tactics to make it messier so that I really have trouble in cleaning it up. I used to blame my mom carrying a broom all the time ,almost like every half an hour, and what am I doing now… following her footsteps.

Yet, as everyone says, its a phase, let it take its own time to pass off.

I have dreamt myself ,holding the hands of the clock, so that the time remains still and I could just admire my little kids sleep beside me. It is a terrible wish.

This pas t week ,finished soon, I felt I missed some days in between. Is it just me or everyone else the same way?

Not sure!!

Still, I am enjoying my new way of life. Keeping myself busy , is letting my negative thoughts run aways ,as seriously I don’t have time to think too.

Even I forgot my daughter’s exam dates too 😛 – indeed am a terrible mom .

I guess ,with my all these unstable times, am not hampering anyone’s interests, wishes, or time. I just pray that this phase just quickly passes by like the time and I don’t have to struggle with my clock again .