Ambassador Meet up



Awesome !!!

In one word , if I could say how the meet up was – it was just Awesome.

To meet a bunch of empowering, self-made, energetic group of ladies ,who have worked harder and achieved a great deal. As I was sitting across the room listening to the self-introduction I was amazed at the number of years they had work experience and the comparatively shorter breaks. Breaks are not accountable to what they have gained in their vast experience. The pretty faces in the whole room actually filled the room with question,discussions, emotions, joy and applause.

The event contained many women who were quite successful and a few climbing up the ladder of success. Everyone there was an achiever, learned a lot from their experience in life and work. As I listened to them as a child listening to the stories, my mind kept wondering how on earth these ladies have come so far , their stories are quite motivational.

The lessons from the session shared by the Speaker -Vani ,was quite an insight into the struggles and accomplishments .

  • I loved the way she explained that having a confusion about what next to do is similar to being alive- if you don’t have confusion -you are equal to dead.
  • The next thing that truly caught my attention was the “make-shift approach” , which actually I had done in my career path- moving from Testing to Writing .
  • The third point which was a good catch was the “career-break is not an idle time ” – yes one need to focus on more learning when they are on the break rather than cribbing.
  • Ones you are talented you are never away from a job.
  • Self-learning and exploring are the best way to keep yourself updated.
  • And lastly to quote her ” Women are wired for it, to do multitasking” .

The session was indeed an enlightenment, a sure push to anyone who wants to do more in life and return to work. The group contained many entrepreneurs , writers, mentors etc. Their experiences was an interesting way to get to know more about what exactly is going on around us.

Listening to them, we might be ashamed that ,we are crying for nothing. As they are the true warriors. Meeting was a true emphasis of “women power”. The best example to show how women are helping other women.

Another topic of the meeting was the , a quite interesting one for people who want to make money through renting out their space to anyone . The best part of this venture  is that you can rent out space to communities who share similar interest with you.The place was quite aptly chosen , the ambiance and the place overall happen to bring out the best of all ambassadors. Overall the meet up was like a bunch of schoolmates coming up with wonderful and bright ideas empowering each other for a spectacular future. I guess more and more meetups are organized by the same groups to bring in more energetic ladies together. Everyone in the meet up was smiling and taking pictures , to save this memorable day of reviving oneself.

Kudos to all those who are part of this. Am glad I am involved .Hope we all work together to do something to empower womanhood.

11 thoughts on “ Ambassador Meet up

    1. Yes nowadays there are many organizations wrking to bridge the gap between women on.break n jobs. Glad that am a helping hand . Thankyou for visiting my blog. Hope you enjoy reading.

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