march has only 28 days ;)

I wish at times, that the days in the month can be reduced according to my wish.

Bad luck, its not in our hands.

It is not just my wish, my nandu wants only few days in March, as she i counting the number days to holiday to start ,so that she can be with her grandma. The wait seemed too long for her, as I showed her the number days to her holiday to start.

She accepted the fact, but once her exam started, she was in a hurry to get the holiday begin.She had enough of counting it seems she asked me why march has 31 days, why can’t it have 28 days.

An obvious question from an impatient mind. At one moment I too thought the same. Kept wondering why schools drag these many days, they are too small , they should enjoy their vacation.Seems next year it will be  longer wait, since they keep dragging the days till mid april just to start a vacation. Education is torturing kids.

She was too angry when I told he , you have to wait some more days, she said “march has only 28 days” , smiling I agreed to her.I know that she wants to be in her grandmas place at the earliest.

Counting still , just few more days , and off we go for vacation. As she is impatiently waiting , the same is the state of mind.

Please mama , Can I

The Magic words , as I saw, that will let you get any things from her younger sister. Say please and you will get the things you want ,don’t snatch from your sister. I have to keep telling this at least 50-100 times in a day, when they both are fighting for things in the house. At times , my patience overrules and at times my anger and frustrations over rules my emotions and finally I snatch the thing away and keep it high up. Finally I get peace of mind.

My lil gopika is too smart . She noticed that using please to persuade is the best way to get things so. She sits on my lap and asked me ” mama , please can I bite you”, of course she doesn’t wait for my answer, she bites me. The same things she does for all the naughty things she want to do.She asks me permission so beautifully , that I forget to give an answer , and that gap where I stand bank, she uses to do her mischief.

Whenever I have my food, which I have after giving her food, she will come with her lovely cute hands ,and as she is digging her little hands into my plate , she asks “mamma can i take this from your plate” , and digs into my plate, takes whatever she wants , and as she puts into her mouth, she will smile.

I wonder, should I get angry on laugh at her pranks.

Morning hurry time

Like all other homes, mornings are quite busy time in the house, full of chaos and running around. Lucky me, that i have two lil hands , that helps me. 

While I cook, they take the plates and other things like their dad’s lunch packed and nanny’s lunch boxes to the table. I fell happy, because I don’t have to run around. They always help me, by taking half teethings , they could mange to take, to the table, so that, I don’t have to run around. 

I remember as a  kid i used to help my mom this way, but ofcourse , only my mom i helped, I was not keen into knowing others difficulty.I always like to be with her, in kitchen or anywhere she goes. I guess, the same is happening with me, here even though nandu has a study table, too, she is always in the kitchen to do her homework and gopika also tag along, with a book and a pen .

Mornings I wake both kids, an they will be around me, until unless am in the finally hurry time to take nandu to school. Even if someone is at home, my younger one doesn’t stay back, she wants me to carry her along with me, to the bus stop, so that she can keep watching the outside beauty , and all other kids and parents going to school and offices. She enjoyes, the last moment running around I do, she thinks am playing and having fun, little does she know, that her mom is running out of time, and already late for nandus bus.

She keeps giggling, ,when I carry her, and run, I guess, she thinks , am playing some funny games, and while am back home, still she wants to lay, the same game. But at that time, am damn tired to continue the game , so I sit down and relax. 

Guess, when she will be off to school , she will realise why exactly her mom is running around. 

mmm… seems i need to improve on my timing skills . 😉

Happy My day to me..

Belated Women’s day wishes to all the ladies out there , I know am little late , but better late than never.


Better late than never, that is what I have decided to do for my life , in the coming years. I have decided to take up things which I have never ever dreamt of.Its good to the p challenges as it helps us to realise what w are a, and how much we can do. Many things , which I have decided to do ,I don’t know how am going to start with. 

Firstly I did was, to wake up before sunrise, something I have never imagine, even during  my school days ,never woke up for my exams too that early. I thought ,that was something , I should try, and to my own surprise, I was awake, way before the alarm rings ,and then suddenly I felt fresh and good. 

Never ever I have noticed the sun rising in Bangalore, but that day, I woke up and saw the fantastic view of sun rising up the horizon through my window and I could feel the vibe in me. It could be the new rising of new me. Hope this sun shine never fades away. I am loving the fresh mornings and my lovely walks in the early morning hours with my new friend, who has to tolerate my gupshup till we finish walking. I love to talk to people I like , and especially who don’t complain about me talking. 

The walks keeps me fresh and improves my stamina, I know I won’t be loosing any of awesomeness( i.e my weight) , because , I keep doing the refilling all the time. Thats a different aim, which actually am postponing for years, and I don’t think I will take up that , because thats a big fight with my innersoul , one is hungry other one will be starving, so am gona live on that compromise on that part. 

The other objective was to find something to work on, and luckily , a good soul, who is ready to bear with my ignorance is ready to take my madness for writing along. I don’t know how far things will go, but I appreciate her patience and the way she deals with me. I agree that ,everyone needs a stepping stone ,and you need a lot of handwork to put in, to make everything come beautifully. 

SO on this woman’s day , I have decide to grow up a lil bit , but ofcourse not leaving my childishness behind, I will still carry on that attitude of enjoying everything. Sometimes, we need to be a lil grownup, its tough really. 

The changes I decide to show a fruitful result, when I told my daughter mamma is working on something, she was happy, she seemed to be proud of her mom, and I felt happier . These gestures actually boost my confidence and let me do , what actually I want to do in life. I want to be a guide for her , i want her to be proud of me, not for my sacrifices but for my achievements. I want her to be able to choose what she has to do in future and not to depend on anyones will. 

When I was kid, I thought it was better reign a boy, who had no restrictions and had the liberty to do any thing and befriend anyone as they like, but now being a mom , I feel that, the best thing in the world is a woman, even though at times, she herself feel down, she has the courage to get up and get back to normal , even in the toughest conditions , whereas men are still struggling in their own arena, and women are encroaching all those arena. 

So !!

Finally feeling proud to be a woman. 

my follower no. 2

Wherever i go i have two followers …. lucky me .. isn’t it…

I used to follow my mom too the same way . My dad used to call me a comet.. because my mom is a star and am her tail.. But I used to enjoy it a lot.

Morning the moment she gets up, she calls out for me… “amma… , come here please” . but obviously as am busy with cooking , I don’t go and sometimes…she sleeps again , or sometimes she wakes up and head to kitchen, to help me.

While I pack everyones lunch and keep things ready, she and her sister, comes to help me, by taking it all to the dinning table, if by mistake in a hurry I forget to give it in her hand, she screams, seems she doesn’t want  to miss a chance helping me. And in between they both fighting ,which each one has to take, a big decision for them , and for me, I have to have a pair of items always, else they will eat me up.

Mornings even after their dad has his tea, my younger one is fond of bringing me the glass back to kitchen ,and I love the way she gives it to me, she tells me, ” mama close your eyes” , and I close  my eyes and give her a smile , and she says ” open , tadaa ”  , and she shows me an empty glass. The same way she gives me her glass when she has milk.

I don’t know what will happen to me, when my younger one also goes to school and get busier , seems am getting habituated with them around me, i feel like a sun with all planets revolving  around me. ( something I can’t live without now).