Sleeping tantrums

Past few days… am here dealing with new kind of tantrums  from my younger one…

It is irritating,, upsetting… tiring and most of all.. repetitive… every day the same all old drams…and she knows how to convince to do it too…. .

Every night , when am falling into my deep sleep , she wakes up crying… and since I don’t want to disturb my lil nandu sleeping and her dad , I get up and start walking like a proper sleep walk, that was my initial condition, a proper sleep walk, totally , as my eyes cannot open, due to sleepiness ,and we walk for atleast 20 mins or so .. and slowly I try my tricks to put her to bed, sometimes she screams the moment her body toupees the bad, and she knows her mom is fooling her, and trying to put her to bed, she cries as if, some thorns is pricking her on the bed… and again …i take her and sit, but she is too tricky to fool, she directs me to the hall, where she wants me to walk, and again we walk another 15- 20 mins, and I keep gazing at the clock, where the time is running super fast, and I feel like my sleep time is running away from me , and  its like the whole world is conspiring against me , trying not to make me sleep .

And when am damn  tired, I end up someway crawling on the bed, putting her beside me,and she sleeps, as she got enough of walking , and  as I crawl into my blankets to sleep, my alarm rings, finally its time to be up for all daily chores.

Now after all these, my sleep started to play tantrums, and am not able to sleep , when everyone sleeps,, seems am getting older, heard someone saying as you grow older,  your sleep reduces. 

May be growing wiser too 😉  

Happy sleeping for all those who still keeps sleeping , and ofcourse am jealous.

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