growing up to be better mom

Now my lil gals are a year older..and I am enjoying every bit of their growth, something to treasure on. The moments I am sharing with them, is giving them and myself, a lot more happy memories . 

As a mom , am also growing up too.. many things change, as I can recollect ,I was someone ,who just sleeps too much, now , even though I sleep early,  as am tired all day managing and playing with my lil one, I wake up mostly right on time. Seems am  improving too. Waking up early was lil tough for me, now, at the ring of my firs alarm , am awake ,and sometimes before it too. 

May be am also becoming a mature mom.. i guess ;).

Anyways , I have always looked at mom , who is my role model in all these,she is full of inspirations and motivations , and energy. I know going older…. even I might be atleast lil bit like her, I wish too for the same.  I have seen her wake p, before everyone else, cook and clean and pack all our food , get herself ready and run for work. She has never taken rest, always busy in household and giving the yummiest food ,and being with us for everything. Am fortunate , I have a life to learn from. 

I don’t know what kind of mom I might be, but am yearning to be like my mom gain a lot patience ,and give enough love and care .Yet more to learn from her, but I have always a lesson to look upon from my mom , that helps me move on.I know , at that time ,when I was a kid, I might have being angry or never bothered to listen to her, but now I have all those in my mind ,and I have to accept the bitterness of motherhood too.

Many more to learn, in the coming years, hope my unprepared  lesson plans works out well 😉

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