Another year -turning 6

The memory of being a mom , giving birth to my lil angel, who called me mom first , is still as fresh as it happened minutes ago in my mind. I remember her first cry when she was welcomed to my world and the I remember every moments I spent with her. 

I want to make her days always special, with a difference in everything, i want to give her something or the other different from what I gave her the previous time. It might be small or big, but  I want her to learn the value of appreciation. 

She is always precious to me, even though we fight ,we scream, we get angry , still , she is my best girl. Someone who taught me what being a mom would be like. She taught the world of parenthood, with her I was like a newborn mommy, who tumbles along with she tumbles , who falls , when she falls, who cries when she cries. Like it was all new for her , it was for me too..

My ignorance , in many things, might have done many things go wrong in her, for which i can never ever forget. Still she is the one who encouraged me, to be more perfect and be confident. I could proudly say, am a mom , as she is my daughter. 

A year more, and more responsibilities to adorn ,in your life. I am confident that she will be perfect in anything she does, as she is my gem, a star, and the blessing she carries with , from everyone around.I know , she is moving to another class, a big step and more to learn. I hope am doing the right thing for you as a parent. 

Wishing you many more happy birthdays my darling nandu , and wish you conquer all your dreams, I will be with you forever as your strength and power.