all awake like an owl

As i was awake, again another night, luckily today I was not that tired , since am used to it, walking in the middle of the night with my lil one in my arms . Some nights I felt  like sleepwalking, as am just moving but my eyes are closed. 

Thats the struggle going on when you have a baby teething and another one coughing and not able to sleep properly. First 2-3 days , I don’t get angry, just upset, other few days, it will be like , tiredness madness , still there is no way out, and I have to carry her and walk  walk till she sleeps and finally putting her to bed  is the big struggle, still at night even in deep sleep the only thing that keeps mumbling in my ears is that “slow and steady wins the race” , yea.. in sleep too my brain supports me 😉 . 

I slowly put her down , and ofcourse , playing different tactics, sometimes with the help of a pillow , some times lying down, with all my hands under ,and it takes atleast 15 mins to take it out from beneath her.Usually i don’t try it and i sleep off in some awkward position and finally end up with body pain.

Night was beautiful ,as I still have a small light on in my balcony as I am scared off darkness , I was all awake ,with wide eyes, trying to figure out methods to help my elder one sleep properly ,as she was disturbed of cough. I felt like a n owl watching down from the tree , I was watching both my kids sleeping and husband sleeping, and finally I was sleeping too but almost half sitting. And finally i was asleep .

And my alarm rang..oh its time to get up. And another morning starts and everyday I hope  my kids sleep well, at night. 

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