quite a busy day

Today we are celebrating my elder daughters birthday ,according to malayalam calendar.I love this birthday , on this day , i make lots of dishes and her favourite payasam too. Usually i try to experiment different curries , so that we all don’t get bored with the same menu always.

I remember my mom used to make me sadya, and i loved to have such different tastes. I have grown up to my moms methods so , I still follow the traditional styles ,and make atleast 4 different types of dishes to go along with the rice , Even my daughter too love the sadya, she keeps asking for missing things in her plate , and I tell that ,I made only a few to fill in.

Still, when i see her happily having what i made for her , my hunger runs away, I feel fun ,when she has her food. The pleasure in cooking doubles, when I see them enjoy it. Its a bliss.

Morning onwards i was busy cooking , and as I noticed my younger one precisely busy in playing on her own, and I was relaxed, enjoying my cooking. Little did I notice that what exactly she was upto. 

To keep her busy I gave her a bowl of pomegranates , and by the time i was done with cooking , I wa shocked to see what she had done , in that two hours , of me going unnoticed. She was playing with her doll in the kitchen and I could see pomegranates lying down, all the ways from the hall to kitchen and a lot on her doll. She was trying to feed her lil baby doll ,and thats how she kept her busy, and gave me enough work to keep myself busy again. 

mm… seems i should finish my work, then sit to write… 🙂

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