Studies and excuses

My lil gal , was quite fine in the last year in hr school , may be because it was just starting of her school , she did everything brilliantly . 

But everything this year is just opposite , seems so soon she got fed up with our education system, The moment she gets home ,she wants TV , her fav cartoons and too lazy to open the book. And as usual by the end of the day before she is off to bed , I someway make her write her homework. Though there is not much to write nowadays , too much to read through , may be she is not interested and I don’t like to force her too. 

I never wanted my daughter to earn lot many marks , I want her to understand whats important for her and realise it and then learn , otherwise the education is wasted.I wonder why our education system is burdening  our kids , I wonder why do we study so many subjects too.In he end of all these efforts , we end up doing things which even we don’t like to do or be, because of all the society orthodox idiots.

i know she is not lazy because she has to do homework or because of TV , mostly she wants to play with her lil sister all day. This year ,the moment I say that its a holiday ,she is all excited , because she can spend the day with me and her sister. 

Hope things change when her younger sister also joins school. May be then I will be the one waiting for a holiday . 😉 . Strange  but true.