Things am learning after being a mom

Life has completely changed the track for me. Things I believed i would not be doing , I am doing , many of them I could not even imagine .

Initially I was so lazy always sleepy , while sleeping ,whatever happens I would not even move. But now , while sleeping even if a needle falls out , I wake up ,so that my lil ones don’t get disturbed and I get to sleep properly too. 

I hate to cook , but now , I try out all kind of dishes , even presentation of dishes to start matter me , so that I cold impress my kids and hubby ,as well as post it on my FB for my lovely friends to know , yes I do cook too. 

I hate shopping , but now I would love shopping in kids shop, seems am more addicted to kids toys and I want to buy toys that interest me.

I used to not so very much interested in household work. First when my elder one was there , I used to be a lil lazy ,but yes cleaned a lil, but after my younger one has come , things changed , I almost walk around with a broom and a mop almost all the time, because if i missed out anything  on the floor , my lil one would gulp it ,whatever it may be .

I used to find it hard , while cooking , now its like with one hand you are a master cook, you can even land up making 4-5 dishes too , in a matter of no time.

Life has changed and became more of kids centric than me or my hubby, we go to places where kids like , and not where we like specifically. May be thats what being parent is about.