Stress busters

My beautiful babies are my stress relievers. 

The moment am tired , or upset , or sad, they help me overcome it in a minute.They might not know what exactly is in my mind or what am going through , but they give me the strength to go on. They help to keep me happy. Their lovely and bright eyes , keep me going . 

The way they look up at me , as if they expect me to be perfect , and not brittle and fragile. If I broke down am scared they might take me wrong .I want them to face things boldly , may be not the way I do. I want them to be true and selfless and thats the right way for everything. 

I cry , laugh and enjoy every moment with them. Sometimes when am out of my mood, anger or upset over things or tired , I get so angry and sometimes I even shout at them. The next moment I will be crying , I can’t withstand being angry , I vent out my anger in crying usually . I hate being angry , stressed and irritated. 

I hate all those emotions , when am angry on my lovely lil angels. Because I have them in my life , am living stress free. I have them to cuddle and play around and be me always. 

Emotions play too much in our daily life , its tough to handle them sometimes , but when we have kids , sometimes we get a reflection of what we are and how we react and then we try to correct ourselves. Kid s are the real heaven and their childhood is to moulded with proper guidance and care. 

Love you my two lovely lil angels, because of you two , am what am  now. Thank you for your loving caressing hands on my forehead when am in need . Sorry for being a mean mom sometimes.