The first movie outing for us with kids

Its being almost 7 years we went to any theatre to watch a movie , never found time and much interest. So never thought about taking kids too for such things , other than weekend shopping or parks or shopping malls , we don’t go anywhere much.

Whereas am , the reason for we all of us not going, I never liked loud places and closed rooms . This after years , he decided to take us all for a movie. Actually the time when we thought to go , I was going through a mixed emotions, thinking too much about whats gonna happen, will my lil one starts to cry , yell around ,or may be w will be coming back , without even watching it fully.

I get so impatient , so confused , the tension is quite very well seen on my  face, I keep asking him to book tickets ,even though am tensed about the whole scenario.Trust in God , thats what helps me in such situations.

We were well prepared to come back once things go worst . When we went, we saw many parents with kids , like us, I was still wondering how do they handle kids. Then once seated, I saw parents getting big basket of snack items to keep their kids busy. AHH !! thats the trick which is helping them. 

I told him ,get some snacks when they are crying. Finally the movie started , almost half an hour went by ,since both kids were staring at the big screen , as it was new ,,after some time ,their enthusiasm got lost ,then  he got some snacks one after the other and some way , we got to see the whole movie. Only thing which we felt bad was that our lil nandu was getting bored ,as she is not used to movies much.

The triumph after watching the whole movie , even though the movie was boring ,was that of passing some difficult exam. Sometimes we need to go through a lot of tensions before getting the taste of success. Still we feel good after things went well , with quite a lil difficulties .