Realising quite more while visiting someone !!!

Sorry for the long name in topic , but yes , we  get to know  a lot more, when are going to someones house. 

Strange but true. 

We keep saying things to the host , oh please I think she will not be having those ,and the next moment we see our kids munching on the same ,and it looks like , they have not eaten anything for days . The things they hate to have , they will not even bother to look into the plate , seems quite interesting to them when they are in some other place. And we parents become awestruck , not knowing how to react. 

I give serious escape saying , oh let see , if they like it or not. Am being dealing with this kind of situation a lot ,and still dealing with it too. When we are out, kids want everything they see around. 

If we say, our kids are good ,and they don’t even cry for anything ,the next moment we see them crying and fighting for things they don’t even need. Sometimes , while visiting any friends place , we see our kids paying with the toys in that house , even though they have similar ones at home, they don’t even bother to look at it.

Same happens when someone comes as guest at our home too, they fight for the toys ,which they don’t even play with. Strange , but yes , we all parents are dealing with the same. 

I don’t know how many more things are  yet to come. Waiting !!!