Cookery shows and cook books

I love cooking  ,especially after I became a mom . 

I always loved to browse for beautiful recipes and try it , but whenever I see it quite lengthy and tedious , I skip half the method and jump into the final curry preparation , and most of the time end up in some other dish, then I say its my own artistic creation , when my hubby gives a astonished look at the dish , or when he tastes and says its not good . Or else we all have a wonderful excuse , of i was looking after her  when my curry got burnt. 😉 

Sometimes its mere luck , the dish comes out well and I have a perfectly happy face and I hate it then if someone tries to figure out any mistakes on it. Since am happy then, I just excuse it for a while , if any complaints. 

I hotel these cookery shows, when am damn hungry and nothing to cook as such , or even if am stacked up with lots of things at home,  I want something from outside. (human tendency) . My mom used to say , that , when I was a kid , when am hungry ,I will never eat anything whats in the house, always wanted something whats not in the house. 

Seems ,that she prayed a lot, my kids are like me. When they are hungry they took want things whats not in my house. 😉 Some days too much to cook and we feel like t=dong , and sometimes reading out a recipe itself I will feel why should I take all trouble , just buy it from shop.

Ek break tho banta hai for everyone  😉 . 

Take a break from all the cooking sites and kitchen when you get bored of cooking. 

Getting rhymes addicted

AS all lil cutie pies my lil one is getting so fond of nursery rhymes, and seems to copy all the actions her sister does while listening to the rhymes.

Its fun to see her doing all the actions along with the rhyme characters. Her favourite is twinkle twinkle and keeps asking me to play the same all the time. I keep playing the twinkle twinkle from different YouTube sites and she enjoys all the same.

When her sister comes from school and sings rhymes for her , she keeps listening to them so enthusiastically , its a pleasant sight to see. hey keep singing together almost all the rhymes she learns from school and together with all the ones in YouTube. 

Kids are learning a lot quite well nowadays , they don’t need any teacher it seems , here my lil ones teach each other and help each other well. When my elder one is back from school , lil one becomes her student and she teach her everything she learns from school .

I remember as a kind , even I used to help my brother , who was quite lazy in reading ( ofcourse growing up he has changed) , I used to read all those comic books out loud. All siblings are the same. Here my daughters are each others dancing partners , whenever I play their favorite songs they start to dance and enjoy it.

I guess before joining school , like all kids my lil one will be well versed with rhymes. 🙂