Obsession of Fair and Slim

Our society is so obsessed with slim figures and fair skin , that they seriously turn down all other people without even looking at them. 

Is it right ? 

Sadly I heard my daughter too distinguish her friends as the same, In order that she does not repeat it , I said all people are good irrespective of the colour , and I gave her the example of myself , too. 

me: See even am not fair baby, don’t I love you, Don’t I play with you. Don’t you like me.

she: yes mom I do love you. 

Me :so all people are good , they need not be fair to be good . 

People around us keep telling that ,being fair is beautiful , being slim is also beautiful ,so what about other normal prop around the world are they not beautiful, we need to educate our kids that beauty comes from a beautiful heart. 

Everyone things that a fat person cannot do anything, and they are fat because they are lazy , I wonder what kind of judgement is that . Some are so blindfolded that they don’t even realise the hurt they give to them  ,by staring or commenting on their  physical appearance . 

I guess thats why everyone is so busy going to beauty parlour , to cover up all their original beauties and give a fake look . Am not a critic on people who are so much into being beautiful , its just my own opinion. 

The beauty comes from our heart, and when we are happy , we project our happiness on our face and we become beautiful , that the beauty we see in babies and kids . 

God has created us with different looks and shapes and sizes and we all have purpose in life. Some times I have wondered that God made me plump so that I can handle two kids well.