When we expect a lot , we do not get anything. 

Nowadays kids are in a big stressful world , where everyone expects a lot more than they can be. This is actually troubling their childhood and most of the time we parents do realise we are doing bad to our own loveable darlings.

Before they are born itself , we tend to get deciding oh they will b this n that etc etc. Again once they are born, we set some milestones , movement, visions, speech, hearing , and many many more. I seriously believe that other than the normal things , which need to noticed , the rest we need not worry. I remember the days when I was criticised for my kid not talking much , because my kid never reached their kids milestones ( how can that be possible , my kid is just mine, she  can be not their child). People expect a lot and be judgemental on other moms. Many moms tend to think that their own kid has some problem and they keep searching net which gives particularly some symptoms , which actually make us feel as if our child has some irregularity. 

Once the child is on school, all parents want their  kid to be first , how can it be possible. The world is turning into a competitive one , seems everyone want to reach the top , how can we move up without going through the lower layers. If its girl she should learn dance, music, or drawing, .. or if its a boy only football, cricket etc, if suppose a guy wants to learn dance its like , people start to think the boy has some girlish traits (is it really necessary to think as such ).

Why do people complicate things by thinking too much . Let everyone live their life on their own, let them decide what exactly they want to do. We are not born to meet someones expectations , we need to meet our own expectations. We should not be competing others , I hate competitions , wherein only first 3 are benefited ,and the rest ,are left without even being appreciated.Actually we are building up a nation full of competitors , what do we get , when we go above someones level , those happiness are for ever.

Hope everything changes , or I guess probably things might get worst.Stop expecting an start living.

Nostalgic memories about childhood

While playing with youtube , I found out all those indie pop songs I used to hear during my school days. Sometimes we need to revive on our memories , it helps brig back our good times. 

Childhood was all crazy fun , I remember that once am addicted to a song , I used to record it thousand times on a cassette as am lazy to rewind it many times. But yes, it was so difficult to stick on to a song for a long time.The interests keep changing.

I used to keep playing the songs all night and all day and finally when am bored I sleep of . I was used to even studying with the songs playing in my background. Even when am writing exams , instead of answers I quite nicely remember the songs played. Thank gGod , I was saved by passing all exams , otherwise my songs will be stopped forever. 

Now there are many variety of music around , still my old time fav are still my fav and when I play them at home, my kids too love it and keep dancing to it. All those music albums of sonu nigam , alisha, models , anuradha , and many more.  Its good to flow back in memory and revive whats good in those times.

Music is a true memory saver, it helps us to get back what we have forgotten.