Never enough

We all have a basic problem , that nothing is ever or never enough for all of us, we all want more and more.

And kids are always more like , they need more attention, they need more care, they need more chocolates, and they need more time from everyone. My nandu loves to spend time with her granny a, the moment she goes back to her native, nandu starts off saying ,when are we going to granny place .She loves to roam around with her granny , even though we have travelled around 10-12 hours in car to meet her , or if she is sleepy or how ever she is tired. I sometimes feel jealous  about it, but thats how it should be , the grandchild and grandparents bonding are like that. 

I always hate it when my kids have mere bonding with anyone else other than me, yea lil jealous me . I know its bad , and I will take my own time to recover from that syndrome. 😉 .

But when I look at how happy she is , I can sacrifice anything for her. Some times I become so mean , I shout at her, I compare her with her lil sister , who is more notorious than her. But then suddenly I realise I should not , when I just wanted her to be herself , hope she listens only the good thing she need to and take it to her heart. 

My lil gopika , is too much sometimes ,the moment she sees her dad, she does;t let him move here and there , she need full attention from him. She want his to lift her ,cuddle her, even without him keeping his bag down .She doesn’t like him going anywhere , not even to change his dress or wash his face , she needs him to be with her all time and she is not even  letting her sister share her time with him. I know she doesn’t even get a proper time with him, as he is busy in his work. 

The only reason , I hate being thinking of a working mom , is that ,I don;t want to loose this precious time with my kids . Yea, of course I know all can find time , but what if we could not , what if I get lost , sometime the passion of work gets over to you and poor lil gets kids , get only parents with a mobile and a laptop near them ,and no smiles and no hugs. 

I guess thats the worst thing we can do to our kids ,I am not passionate for a job, but I do need a good one , which gives me enough time with my kids , my family. I don’t mind waiting for the right one too . Sometimes its beautiful to think that , things which are ours will all come to us .

We will never be enough of what ever we have, am never bored of eating and having friends and talking and hopefully soon writing too . When we love something  , we never get tired of the time we spend on it, on with it , or waiting for it. 🙂

FOR every hardworking person around me 

So take a break ,and have  a vacation too. Time will be lost and never regained ,because , kids grow faster and you can never have a toddler when she is around 6 or 10 , when you find time.