Mommy leaving back to home hangover problem

Seriously our moms makes things easier for us. 

I wish , sometimes I have never being married and be with my mom always .. ( yea am sure she will run away if I had to stay with her ). But I guess thats there in everyone life , a wish remaining unsatisfied. 

Even if I stay with her 1 hour , a day or more than a year also , going away from her , is so painful. I hate it most of the times and always feel unsatisfied ,even though if we stay together  we fight like normal mom and d daughter , and I have hurt her most of the time , I still love her the most and ofcourse she is the most important person in my life .

I keep telling her she loves my brother more than me, as all kids do who has siblings at home , and she keeps telling me , that you will realise it one day when you have two kids. Now I have two kids and I know what she meant. But still without being a mom earlier too I know she loves me a lot.

Whenever she is coming home , she brings a lot many things without even me asking, who on earth can know us better than our own mother. She makes my work easier always . She is always full of energy and full of ideas. And when she is going back, my heart becomes heavy , eyes become watery , and my kitchen become full of food items. She knows how to help her daughter all the time. 

Thankyou mom always  and forever. 🙂 

Grandmoms are super moms -grandparents day

Grandparents day at nannies school was a super celebrations , many kids along with their grandparents had come down, it was so beautiful to see them . I loved the way the kids were holding their grandmas or grandpa hand and swinging happily and enjoying every share of words and cuddle. 

Many grandparents felt so honoured being called up to stage and they all spoke and showered their blessing on the authorities and the lovely grandchildren who made the feel so precious. Sometimes we need to give importance to our grandparents and make our kids realise how important they are in our life. The immense knowledge  in them out of experience and out of care and love for us , is so precious , and no one can replace their space in our life.

I was actually moved with their school principals speech , where in she said that the grandparents are not for taking care of your kids , give them enough happiness and importance, and don’t just call them up ,when you require them to take care of your kids. Thats true, they are older than us , and  they might not be able to handle things with much energy as such , yea may be a few grandparents are superb in all ages, but , give them importance all the time , not when they are just required.

Never make them feel as if they are just used, make them feel as if they important in our life and without them we feel like null and the without them life is void. Our parents do have immense energy and love for our kids , they love and they know exactly what need  to be done in all situation , better than all of us.  

In their school , they  had activities and it was fun watching the grandparents having fun in all the activities , I personally felt , sometimes they need to have such fun and relaxation in our own home too than such places , WE need  to get out of our laptops , books, tv and mobiles and sometimes have a look around and enjoy with them too and be able to cherish such moments.  Our parents are the only souls on this earth ,who wish for our unconditional happiness , no one can love us , as much as they can do.

“Some of the world’s best educators are grandparents.” — Charles W. Shedd

Happy Grandparents day to all lovely grandparents  🙂 .