lil rockstars

My lil one is all about being naughty and a rock star. 

She is different from her elder sister and makes her elder sister also come down to her level. Once they both are teamed up , my efforts goes double high. Sometimes when I tell elder one to sit, younger on will start ,and getting a chance elder one too runs off., and after all my efforts to put them quite , I too end up playing or sometimes seriously surrender to whatever they want to do. 

Some pathetic moments its difficult to know what exactly I should do , should I burst out in anger or happiness ??? 

Many thoughts get crumbled up in my head and finally I quit. But once I just leave it my heart ,it knows exactly what I should do , adore my girls , play with them, let them enjoy .. and thats what finally I should do and thats the right thing.

My younger one is full of energy , she imparts her lil energy to all of us too , and I have seen it quite well in my elder one , she comes home tired after school ,but the moment she sees her sister all her energy comes back, and she is ready to play and run around with her. It feels like they are inducing energy into me ,and I feel like a child again.

We play ,dance and do many things together ,I have never felt bored with my gals, there is no one in the whole world who can keep me alive as them. 

The mother in me comes to alive when they need me ,and the child in me comes to play with them, a friend in me comes with the lil necessity to listen to their problems and the anger in me comes when are seriously notorious. But I love all my forms and thats what keeps a mom busy and fills us with lots and lots of happiness .

I feel like my childhood is also revised along with theirs..  🙂