Feeling low…what next

Some times we feel so low..we loose our self esteem.and our importance too and that’s when we need someone give us a shoulder to cry or an ear to hear you.

Everyone is soo busy to do so also..Time is precious but sometimes when we give a piece of our life a minute to someone we love can change their life.We might not know how things go change in someone’s life with a simple method tats listening.

sometimes being at home ,we feel worthless .The worst feeling is being dependent on someone for a whole life.Yes ofcourse there is lot of benefits being a stay at home.mum and that’s the benefit of being with your kids but that is the biggest problem took,because at one point in life we might feel.lost and loose our self.esteem. What we will do with al.our education and the things we learnt from our parents.

our parents taught us what life is through their example and so we need to do the same with lil improvisation and that’s what we can do to.make things look easier for our kids.

When I feel low I look at my lovely kids and they give me the right amount of power I need .