Sharing and helping

As my daughters are growing older and wiser day by day, I need to give them or show them rather, lessons of sharing and helping. If  we parents don’t do then, how can we expect our kids to do it. 

I tell the several things , many good things  but rather, I would end up in doing something bad, since we are not perfect. It happens most of the times that, I end up doing right the opposite what I just asked them to do or be. So I am trying to infiltrate in myself ,the qualities I really want in my kids. Though it takes lots of my patience and time , I would rather not regret. 

We need to share the good things rather than the bad things. Something I keep telling my daughter, as she goes to school and when I sent her something she likes, I tell her that you need to share it with her friends as they too do.  The more you share the more your are blessed with more of the same. I keep telling her, this , I don’t how far she knows the  importance , but Am pretty sure  ,she will realise it  one day. 

Secondly , helping is important, but do not pretend to help. Nobody approaches someone , who shows off that you have helped them, rather being humble , helps you get more people to approach you. There is no point in helping someone or giving a hand , and pretend as if you did some favour to them, you make them feel like a burden and you just make them feel as if you just washed your hands off from their task and did something you didn’t want to do.  

You might be of great help then , at the end of the day , but that person will never ever feel like requesting you again , even they feel so grateful to you for the help.  I request my girls , to help me ,in anything I do so that they know what is  the happiness you gain in helping and i ask them to help me only when they are  happy to help rather than , showing me their sad face , while helping me.

Help becomes counted only when you do it wholeheartedly , sharing becomes happiness when you really admire to give your share your happiness . 

time – we need more

The role of a father in kids life is as important as a mom . Though both has a different potential ,and most importantly , people think only moms are important , dad too need to be involved in kids life. 

Its just that , moms can take over both dads role most of the time , because they are capable of multitasking and the stronger mothers don’t need a man to help them in nurturing their kids.  Even though thats the notion carried away in many lives , its important to know that , fathers need to spend time with their kids. 

I do agree that , career or a job or other responsibilities are important too, fathers help to make things easier in life , but monetary benefits never help to be involved or liked in a kids life , Its not abt money but the time we spent with our kids that bring in memories . And memories help us to live, the passion for life comes with memories and happiness. 

The most important thing in our life ,which we do not share with anyone is “Time” and thats one once lost , is lost forever. This technology driven world, make things easier, a click help us get anything we want, but does it help us  bring happiness in life , in our kids, does it take space of a loving memory in their life , NO , it doesn’t. And by the time we realise the importance of the same , its too late to correct.

Money is a source, but never can replace your physical presence in anyones life. Hope in our busy world we find time for our loved ones.  

Create memories , sad or happy , it helps us live. Reviving through our fond and hard memories gives us the lessons of life time and the best lessons and a reason to live .