Granny coming home

The best of alll comes when their grand mom is coming to visit.She comes with a bag of goodies and full of surprises and that makes them so happy.

Nandu loves to be with her they chit chat draw and play together and now my younger one too joins the game and actually have fun and enjoy a lot.

Kids are happy when visitors cone as they to sees some interesting faces out for few days …as they get bored with mine. They are learning to fun with their cousins and grandparents and uncles and aunts. And that makes it more enjoyable .

I guess that’s how they get to know what families are. The more they enjoy being around …the happier they feel.its ofcourse tiring but still these sleepless and tiring nights and days makes memories and we all live for happy memories and that helps us live.

The week is gona be full of fun and drawing and learning new things from her grand mom who is a good mentor for her. Really am thankful for having such a wonderful family.