For moms whose kids don’t speak much

I was just browsing through a post in fb ,in a moms group regarding kids who don’t speak much. I think we seriously need not expect too much from kids, let them grow as they are. I know there are many kids who don’t talk . ..or talk a lot..or actually with some problem, but sometimes… many people judge kids , wrongly. I have being told many times.. and blamed for my daughter not talking, yea ofcourse,there are mistakes from my part, wherein I have not focused much on why she was not talking. 

I have noticed that trait in my daughter, but am not unhappy, its just when people pin point it to me , i get angry and irritated, as a normal parent, I hate when somebody points out a fault in my parenting. I may not be perfect, I might get angry on things, i might shout , but whatever others tell me, i take the good and do my very best. 

I guess all other moms like me, would try to ignore, what others say about our own kids, how can they know our kids perfectly well and better than us. Many parents have this trait to put blame on other parents, thinking that they are the best themselves., even i do it sometimes.. and later feel bad .Sometimes I turn myself into some gran guru , but yes , i give advice only out of my experience. ( bad experiences teach us a lot) .

Sometimes its best not to stress our child for not being something, if everyone can be the same and equal types, then we all will get bored with our life. SO let them be different. I guess instead of us, other relatives in our family do the stressing part a lot and make us mad too.  

Keep it cool and simple.. let them enjoy their childhood.. even am trying to ignore comments too ,,god help me not to get driven by outsider comments on my lovely kids.