I hate traffic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Everyday  we wait and wait for her bus to come and the  traffic , it just takes all our time. I wonder why all are in a hurry and the result is that nobody arrives on time and nobody values time and life. Everybody jams up a junction and creates a bottleneck ,no one goes this way or that way, nobody knows to adjust or move a lil behind. Why don’t they think all values time , poor kids who go to school , they are so small to handle such things, they wait all the morning , instead of having a beautiful time on a fresh morning , they end up waiting and waiting . I feel pity , when I see their gaze through the bus windows looking on to the road, just gazing .

And in the afternoon, sometimes hot , sometimes rainy, when they have to be in their beautiful with their mom, they are like wasting time in the traffic. Poor kids they might be hungry , or tired, wanna sleep , but they get exhausted waiting  ….for all the hurry people to go so that they can reach home. 

It was easier earlier, i could just  run to her school grab her ,and run back home. I hate this waiting , all negative thoughts jumbled up in my head , I am not sure , its just only me or are all moms like this. I wish things keep changing and poor lil kids don’t have to suffer this traffic .

Nobody compromises only these our lovely kids have to since they don’t have any option.I know growing up she might enjoy the bus rides. as I used to with my friends , but ,now they seem too small and the more I wait , I miss her a lot.