Sometimes i feel its just injustice all pains for daughters and nothing for sons.

The moment girls are born parents know that one day they will sail off to some other family to an unknown world. So strange isin’t it , yes and ofcourse there is no other option , girls has to live with it the bitter truth.

Parents love , educate , make them capable and finally they are off to some home because they are taught to be good and obedient and has to live with another family and make a family of their own.

Luckily nowadays generation has nuclear families , so its just small world  and many can easily get adjusted and moreover both the gal as well as the boy gets equal share if pain of being away from family .

Lets not educate gals to be a household no more housewives as we are not married to a house , let our daughters use the value of education provided to them.

One day i too will achieve my dream and make my parents n my family proud. I want to be the best mum to my darling daughters and inspire them to be independent , it doesnt mean I might run away from looking after them , i want to enrich and nourish them and make them strong and capable .

Daughters are a blessing , they bring immense pleasure and happiness .Their smile just spread awsomeness in our life.

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