Bonding with Family


Family doesn’t mean only parents , and my lovely daughter is enjoying that fun life now. I was not sure how she will get along ,even though I was half sure that she will be happy with people around .And Yea , I was right , she is enjoying everything , a new life style which is always my favorite.

Living in a different greenery , a different place ,without being clad in all jackets and enjoying long morning walks to the temple enjoying the sun, rain , getting all the extra attentions from her grandparents and mostly being around with her cousins and extended family .

Sometimes when we are busy in getting things done in our life, this small and lovely moments in our life help us to move forward . Now she got her grand mom to complaint about her mom , when I don’t give enough attention to her activities. She has her great grand mom to complaint about her grand mom  and she keeps chattering around the house like a lil butterfly full of lovely colors making their silent life full of noises . 

I don’t know how much she will remember later in her life , but mostly what I can do is to keep these moments alive in her life as stories . Like we ask our parents about what we used to be like in our childhood , my kid will also ask me and of course I will have a lot to tell her .