Parent- Teacher meeting


As parents we both were , quite excited, about the day , when we were going to meet our kids Teacher. The proud moment of being parents. I never knew , how it will be , I kept asking to my parents, about how might the meeting go on , out of anxiety. 

As all parents, we too were worried, whether we will be receiving any complaints , or is tat our kid , is just fine in school , about her behavior and many more questions. That excitement was  fun , it was different experience in life and as first timers it was more of enthusiasm about how we going to handle it. It may sound funny , but yes, first timer will of course have tension , its a part of  immaturity. 🙂

It was like some exam we were going to attend , a question of parenthood. Thoughts like , how she handles everything in school alone without her parents in school , how she responds to them , and many more question which were there from the beginning of her school days , were popping in my mind. And I was full of question to ask her, just to get to know what she does in school , those three and half hours, in my day when she is not in front of me ,I was all excited to know and have a picture in my mind. 

It was all different , I have gone to parents meeting as a kid and that too years back , so at that time , the only thing in mind was ” what that teacher is going to complaint about me??” , but this time ,it was just that, ” Please I do not want to hear any complaints” , Funny but the truth.

The whole meeting went fine , and I noticed my lil pie , patiently and keenly listening to what all her teacher was telling us, and of course ,she was happy and from then on, she seemed to do anything to keep her teacher happy.

Am glad that ,she has a wonderful person to guide her. 


Patience pays



She waits all along for her dad to reach home ,and immediately he is in , she asks him, “where is chocolate ?” ,her dad as usual surprised looks at me , throwing a question at me through his looks ” why is she asking me , aren’t there chocolates here ? ” . And I smile at him , handing him a chocolate from the cupboard and give him a hint t give her ,as if he bought it.

I appreciate her patience to wait for it, even it is a simple chocolate , i know it means to her . Its sometimes good to develop such characteristics in them. But honestly its not just my effort as a parent even her teacher helped a lot. 

It was difficult earlier to make her wait patiently for anything, she used to cry , shout , and try all her best tantrums on us , to get things done ,and parents like me, fall for all those tantrums, there is no escape.I didn’t know that requesting her to wait , will work out , but one fine day , to my surprise, she did behave as I  asked her to. 

Even though I know that shouting at kids , or being strict doesn’t gain us any love and respect , my immature motherhood ,does it some times and I regret doing so . Nowadays am in control not to do such immature acts and show her what exactly maturity is through my love and respect and lots of patience.

Patience pays well , and it always pays the best.