Parents know … listen to them



When we were kids , most of the things we used to do , our parents say, don’t do it , its not good for you  , or may be they say its bad to do . Even then , most of us were so happy to continue what we had being doing , until we realize it on our own. 

When I was a kid, my mom keeps telling me not to eat too many chocolates , it might harm my teeth, and I used to wonder , why she never want me to eat all lovely sweet things in the world. As my daughter arrived in my life, things changed, I started to think like my mom, I keep telling her , “don’t do this” ,” don’t do that ” ,” don’t eat this” , ” you should eat healthy things, chocolates are bad for you”  , and the history repeats , she never listens to me. 😦

Whatever our parents used to say , most of us turns a deaf ear to them, but , our inner self , takes all these advises into storage ( our brain) and use it , when we have kids , or any other loved ones. 

Its true , that , by the time a child understands their parents, they will be a  parent themselves. 

Our parents show us many things , many ways to live a happier life , but at times we failed to notice.They show us , what we need to live for , what we have to achieve and we have to throw out of our life , they wanted us to survive and not compete.

Hope we could do the same to our kids too and be a good parent , so that one day , as I am proud to have such wonderful parents ,my daughter too be.


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