Changing tantrums !!!


Everyday its a new one. 

The only  similarity is the crying part, its like my lil one feels , if I don’t cry am not going to get it.I guess its all the same with kids.The are learning quite a good deal from everything around them.

When they are born , they are born crying , when they could not speak, they cry for milk and then they get it. It all starts with that I guess. Am pretty sure , when we were kids too , we must have implied this methodology to get things done. 🙂

And when we are grownups , its like sometimes it becomes a necessity , to cry to melt other hearts. Ladies are born to cry , it seems. We cry when we are happy, sad, angry , and whatever feelings come in , tears drops out, Strange !!!

I tell my lil one ,some times being a cry baby never gets you anything  other than being a laughing stock for others. 🙂  I hope she is smart enough to know what I meant , but quite sure that ,she is smart enough to know when to cry too. 🙂

Kids are all the same  and women too.  

The way to stop their tantrums is to neglect them , or deviate them, where in am quite successful sometimes and sometimes an utter failure. I know everyday  you can’t be a winner , sometimes,  you need to fail to learn the joy of winning. 😉

Hopefully I get over all these tantrums soon… with any ideas given by my mom and other mom’s works out well.