Keeping busy , not your brain but you


Sometimes I do feel that , if am busy all day ,its easy to live, else I feel like getting bored.

If am not busy, my brain tends to get lazy…else it need not think anything, and that is always better not to think too much. It seems like thinking is injurious to health in my case . 😉

Some people keep on thinking and everything remain in their head , its not even conveyed. Some keep saying whatever comes in their mind , out with out even bothering what others think. I have read somewhere that , thinking more leads to more serious problems , that were never there in the first place.SO I seriously think that thinking should be avoided 😉 best for you.

Poor brain , it keeps working all the time , and I wonder doesn’t it get wear n tear at all.May be when it gets tired of thinking , it leads us to something wrong and then to get out of all those , again we have to try hard. 

Thinking too much never led me anywhere , other than a messed up brain.:) When  do something without thinking , I feel quite easy to flow with the things happening around me. The more I plan , the more complicated it looks.

Our life is a like a program , its not easy to read and understand the program written by one programmer by other, so its better not to mess up with what is already written by GOD by us , because everything happens around us with a reason. If someone comes to our life to mess up , we can’t change anything, but face it with all the courage, At least that is what we are supposed to .

“Five percent of the people think; 
ten percent of the people think they think; 
and the other eighty-five percent would rather die than think.” 
― Thomas A. Edison