Its like a big puzzle . 

Seriously I wonder how people manage more than 1 kid, where in I  can’t even manage one. 

My lil  preschooler, has enough tantrums that  I feel like my brain pops out of my head because of stress. I wonder what on earth they want , when are totally stressed out. Sometimes I keep wondering , what others might think , when my lil kid is busy crying and a busy soothing her. Do they think that am a bad mother, not giving what the kid wants, do they really know what am I going through???

Lots of questions ,but doesn’t help me at all.Its always a big confusion, seriously I wonder how my mom managed the two of us.At some point , i feel it was better to be alone , but when I feel lonely who is there to soothe me with their lovely touch, I need my daughter always beside me , even she irritates me with her tantrums. 🙂

After all the fights and crying , she behaves as though nothing happened ,I wonder whats really happening in her thoughts.I wish  I could recollect what exactly was going on in my head when I was a kids like her.

I feel sad , when I shout at her, the smile on her face fades away and the only thing she requires a hug from me, she waits till my hands are stretched out inviting her to hug me, and she comes running ,its a total relief for me and her.We both get relaxed after all the fights , everyday some or the other. 😉

But parenting is fun,because we are learning to love selflessly.