Listen to your innerself




We are the best guide for our success .

The universe gives us enough clues as we move forward in our life. Everything that happens in our life has something or the other to do with that comes in the next future , or may be it has to happen that way.

Its just makes things more easier to live , if we believe that, everything happens for good.Coincidences in life are like messages from GOD , saying that , we are on the right path,and guided by him to our destiny. Everyone has a destiny , and the life we lead is just a way to it , and the people we meet are like lessons , which either teaches us something good or bad.

If we have an aim in life, we are led to it , in anyway, though sometimes we feel , we are lost.Everything comes to us when the time is right. When  we seem to be lost , talk to yourself ,first ,then someone who are close to your heart. If we are in a state where we wanted to do something , but our inner-self wanted something else , its like a conflict in our mind and just it doesn’t lead to anything. So the first thing we have to do is to talk to our-self , and decide what exactly we need and once we decide , everything seems to be clear again.


lovely childhood


Its easy for kids to identify good friends at an early age too.

I have noticed that my lil gal  has found good friends around her in her school.

She keeps saying their names , so  I get to know whom she is very fond of.She repeats their names  earlier when I helped her to memorize her friends names , since it was difficult for her to get to know their names , since she was too small..

Now , its like , she  knows whom she likes the most and wanted to be with. It just reminded me about my childhood too. When we all were kids we must have fought for sitting with our best friend , sharing something special with our best buddy , and of course got jealous when someones takes our best friends from us. 🙂

Now when all those comes to our mind , we find ourselves to be silly and funny.Being a kid is a special freedom , we need not know anything, just play and have fun, be naughty and gets lots of scolding from parents . 🙂 Its not easy to be a grownup. 😦 and am sad am a grownup , at least I believe it . 😉

As parents , we must give our lil kids freedom  to enjoy the best way .Forcing something on to kids , leads them to be more adamant , we must teach them to be kind and in order for that , we should be kind to them, since they learn a lot from ‘us’ .

For being a good parent , we need to be their lovely lil friend .