A smile is a curve that sets everything straight :)


A smile makes things more beautiful around you. 

You wake up smiling forgetting all the worries you had the past night , that makes your present day better always. Haven’t you noticed when we are in worries and see someone smiling at us, a kind of positive energy fills in us and its like they are imparting a part of their happiness into you. 

Even when we are in worries , keep smiling and face it with all might.Only who are close enough to us , realize a drop of tear behind our smiling face.Its difficult to hide some emotions, and smile is something that comes uncontrollably. When you look at babies, automatically , our face gets  lit with a smile, its a special feeling . 

Its true that people who are always smiling , do not have a happy life all time, they just make it perfect for themselves. 

Just Smile , and forget everything, if something is for you it will come to you, so need not worry and be happy . 🙂

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