A smile is a curve that sets everything straight :)


A smile makes things more beautiful around you. 

You wake up smiling forgetting all the worries you had the past night , that makes your present day better always. Haven’t you noticed when we are in worries and see someone smiling at us, a kind of positive energy fills in us and its like they are imparting a part of their happiness into you. 

Even when we are in worries , keep smiling and face it with all might.Only who are close enough to us , realize a drop of tear behind our smiling face.Its difficult to hide some emotions, and smile is something that comes uncontrollably. When you look at babies, automatically , our face gets  lit with a smile, its a special feeling . 

Its true that people who are always smiling , do not have a happy life all time, they just make it perfect for themselves. 

Just Smile , and forget everything, if something is for you it will come to you, so need not worry and be happy . 🙂

I need someone who understands me, even when no words are spoken



Its feels great when someone understands us without even telling or showing them what we feel.

I have noticed my lil one too to be good at that , whenever am about to get upset withe her, immediately she knows what will be my next reaction , and she either hugs me or give me a lovely kiss…and I just melt off . Just before my facial expression changes  , she captures my feeling , and making me feel better. kids are so sweet at this, a magical thing .

Its the same with other relations, when relations grow stronger, words are never needed, even if the person is not physically present with us, feels that something is wrong and comes to help us.Such people are quite a few and difficult to find , and those who have someone to talk to are the luckiest.

I wonder how it happens , how does someone else who is not connected to our self , knows how do we feel .I have noticed that , my best friend notices am sad , even from the words I type , he/she need not see me  ,that strange , but I love it, when I don’t have to tell and someones knows exactly what I need.

The best person , all of us know who is good at this is our parents, they know the best for us. I have always experienced that , I don’t need to tell my mom , and before that she knows exactly what I want and what am thinking, she is superb at it I can say. I love her for this.

The world needs such people , who realize what exactly the other person needs without them asking .I just feel that is the perfect relation. 🙂 not everyone is gifted.