Sick Sick !!!!!

Not me.. kids ,they are always falling sick.And when they fall sick, its totally bad for all. 😦

As soon as the winter started , its just I see all around me sneezing and coughing kids.Hope all get better soon(fingers crossed). Its not only me , who is getting trouble time with kids, every parent is complaining about sleepless nights, lots of laundry and cleaning. 😦

Life becomes a mess , a total mess when kids are not well. Every simple household work seems like a burden, and takes longer time to get sorted out. Even though we try all preventive measures , everything does not fall in right place.

Sometimes I wonder why we have to fall sick, or our kids. Its so pathetic to see them troubled. Poor them , they can’t sleep , play , I do feel pity for my loving daughter too.I keep trying all possible medicines I get , but sickness seemed to be turning a deaf ear around me and it turns a blind eye towards all medicines and be there for a week or two like an uninvited guest. 😛

One day all those dark clouds will move out and all kids can be happy playing around.Am just waiting for that day to come. 🙂  Maktub

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