Am I the doing right ??


Everyone will have this question popping up in their mind once at least.

I do think of it most of the time and end up saying that if others can do it , may be I can too. I realized that once we decide that we are never going to fail and want to achieve it , no matter what happens , we can do it.

It simply requires strong will power. Nothing is a born talent in any person, if we decide to do it in our way, we can. Hard work can pay us. Any person , who knows the taste of hard work , will never stop doing it and of course they achieve it too.

The story in ‘Alchemist’ also conveys a simple truth that its all about will power and how strong we dream to achieve it , that leads us to success. And once we decide to do it , whatever comes in our path take it as a challenge and follow it until you succeed.

Its so common that , if one chose to do something new , we all receive only negative responses . But its best to follow what our heart says.If great people had listened to all the negative responses they got , we never would have such a wonderful world with highly developed technologies to live with.

Every path we choose has success and failure. But taking failure as a new positive sign continuing takes good courage.

“Believe you can and you’re halfway there” – Theodore Roosevelt

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