Naming !!!!

A big headache after my daughter was born ,was about naming her, I had exactly 28 days for the same , and had to choose a good one. 

Its so difficult to choose names , from those given by other people , since , we have to make sure that , choosing a name do not lead to upsetting others. Everyone are fond of babies and all of them tend to suggest names ,for confused souls like me. Since I never had a prepared anything.

I sat and started to check for the best ones, many names were coming up in my mind but some or the other suggested the same to me.I didn’t want to name my kid , some name , but something special ,and I finalized on a few names. Then , my mom came up with some letters to start the name from an astrologer , and the funny thing was that , the names I selected matched none. 🙂

I was left with 5 more days now, time was running faster than I thought, And at-last , I found a name , which was indeed special , quite related to  Lord Krishna ,and meaningful. ‘Nandana’ which meant ‘Delighting’ , ‘pleasing’. 

Nowadays , as one of my friend said , choosing a name is not a big deal but  what it turns out to be later is something that has to be kept in mind. 🙂 

Family Time

After celebrating my sixth wedding anniversary , I still feel like just got wedded the year before. The same ‘me’ and my partner , we fight and love the same way.Our daughter  was like my anniversary gift to our family , we expected her to be born around the same date, but anyways not that late.

Nowadays , divorces are becomes more frequent and everything changes between couples soon after marriage. A few gets adjusted , its not only women but men too , need to appreciate men with lots of patience too, since GOD has gifted patience to women more .:)  it seems.

When a child is born, the couples are transformed into parents , not then , but gradually  ,the feeling spread through their soul.The feeling of love transforms into another form , which is bonded by the child. Kids play a vital role in keeping the family together, nobody can sacrifice the happiness of their lovely little kids .

The whole world is running around, and family gets less time. Everyone needs to sacrifice few things for you family. Noting is gained without loosing.Many of us as kids must have experienced negligence from their parents ,as they were busy gathering things for us.But of course , a few must have got enough attention that , they might feel like being bugged by their parents. 

As a parent , I realize , how important my time is for my kid.There are many temptations around me , that drags me into it and I tend to leave her dong something alone , but I know I need to change it.Hopefully one day . 🙂

Better late than Never. 

Am I the doing right ??


Everyone will have this question popping up in their mind once at least.

I do think of it most of the time and end up saying that if others can do it , may be I can too. I realized that once we decide that we are never going to fail and want to achieve it , no matter what happens , we can do it.

It simply requires strong will power. Nothing is a born talent in any person, if we decide to do it in our way, we can. Hard work can pay us. Any person , who knows the taste of hard work , will never stop doing it and of course they achieve it too.

The story in ‘Alchemist’ also conveys a simple truth that its all about will power and how strong we dream to achieve it , that leads us to success. And once we decide to do it , whatever comes in our path take it as a challenge and follow it until you succeed.

Its so common that , if one chose to do something new , we all receive only negative responses . But its best to follow what our heart says.If great people had listened to all the negative responses they got , we never would have such a wonderful world with highly developed technologies to live with.

Every path we choose has success and failure. But taking failure as a new positive sign continuing takes good courage.

“Believe you can and you’re halfway there” – Theodore Roosevelt

Happy Weekend !!!!

My weekend goes all the way shopping and a lunch outside with my family. I always treasure such lovely moments in my life.Some weekends end up being sick or cleaning. 

Weekend is something we always look out for. For everyone the days from Monday to Thursday seems to be dragging and when Friday comes , everyone  just wish for the day to end soon . 🙂 

Friday comes to us with all the best things and we tend to forget all the tough things we had in the days back in the week.Friday is so magical. Families wait to spend time with each other. Kids wait for their parents to come home and spend time with them. Couples want to get out and enjoy the favorite lovable moments with each other. And of course  bachelors spend time in sleeping , drinking or cleaning up the piled up cloths. 🙂

So everyone has a special weekend. 

The only Happy end I know is Happy WEEK’END’ .

Take some time out of your life




“Time is What we want most , but what we use worst. “

William Penn

Someday , I feel 24 hours are not enough for me and some other days I am bored of my extra time.

Do you feel the same or am I the only one feeling it such a way? Everyone is busy and sometimes  I feel the same with my life, I do not even get time to have a sip of my coffee , even though I have the same schedule every week.

Later I found out why I do not find time for myself .Its not something that was not easy to find out , but may be it took me longer than others to find that out , its all because I wake up late. Early to bed to early to rise , is the best way to utilize your time wisely. 😉 

Once we lose time with our loved ones and most of all for yourself , there is no point in self -pitying since its our fault. Sometimes a fraction of second is enough change ones life. In every micro second , something or the other happens in the world. 

As a mom , if ever  I deviate my attention from my naughty sweet ll daughter,she ends up in some mischief and sometimes it might end up in a bad way too. Its always better to focus on your surroundings and your loved ones than miss the best or worst to happen around us. 

Whenever am late to get up from bed , playing with my alarm clock , who keeps on snoozing the alarm , I end up getting everything messed up. Even though I feel that I can cook and get ready faster , it doesn’t help me all the time , I end up being late most often. The late I become, I feel that the world around me is kind of slow , since am racing against time , and I end up being tired.

Most of them who are working , doesn’t get time with their family , and they fail to notice that work and other things for which they spent their majority time doesn’t stay for a longer in life , but family stays forever with you. In work, there is a certain age , where we have to leave the job and then there is no point in looking for a family, who did not get your precious time when they required.

So the best way to be happy forever is learn how to manage your time for your loved ones and more importantly for yourself. 

Time =Life