Care For Your Child who means the world to you

I wonder what we want from this world. Do we want labels from society that we are “perfect” and adhering to the rules laid by them, even when we neglect what we want from ourselves? It is not just about the social evil dowry, but about respecting the choices that anyone makes.
I wonder why parents are bothered about the status and what people might say, and ignore their daughter’s suffering. As a parent, I can’t imagine someone hurting my child. I would slaughter them to death if they dare to hurt them.
Maybe people are changing gradually as they grow older. They don’t see their child’s happiness, because they just want society to label them as a “perfect family”.
What do you get by being labeled “perfect”? Do you see that your child is suffering because of this? Don’t you see that your deeds are gradually hurting the one who looks up to you when they are troubled? Do you even realize that eventually, you are at a loss and none others when you lose them?

You push them to study what they don’t want to pursue.
You push them to do things, which you assumed might make them happy.
You want them to follow what you did because you want them to.
You push them to a life, where you assume is perfect.
You push them to a marriage, where they have to sacrifice themselves.
You push them to accept all the pain, because that how society expects them to be.
You push them to hell because you think that eventually, things will be better and they will be happy.

Do not assume things, it is their life.
Allow them to make their choices or support them in what they do. Otherwise you will be the unfortunate parents, who will see their child on the deathbed. And it is yet more painful.
For once, think about your child and not the society, who means nothing to you.

Care for your Child, who means the world to you.

You are my music, I will always cherish

You are my attire.
That defines me.
You are the jewelry,
I wanna adorn.
The way you play me along.
Like the favorite music note.
In your beats.
You savor me.
Like the wine, kept in your closet.
Hidden from the world.
You savor me.
Taking sip by sip.
Tasting me,
Like you never tasted someone like me.
You make me feel like a woman.
Arousing all the hidden pleasures.
In me.
Unbuttoning all the passions.
That keeps me sane.
All i want you to do is.
Delve into me,
Like a roaring sea.
And splash the waves upon me…
Rising my heartbeat.
To sync with yours.
Loving you is my music.
I never get bored listening to.


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Laying beside you…

Those never-ending nights.
I lay unpartitioned with you…
When our sweats never dried out.
Your aroma stayed on my skin.
Even when you drifted away.
The moments beckon me.
To behold you.
Like an intricate design.
On my skin.
All i long is to,
Fall asleep in your arms.
When every heartbeat of mine.
Conveys to you every desire i have.
Not a day goes by,
When i don’t remember you.
As i shut my eyes
All i could feel is you.
I wished for being yours.
The home, where i am the best version of myself.
Awaiting the time,
Where I rediscover myself…
In your arms.
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When I miss you…

Even when you are away.
I feel like you are near me,
Savoring my honey-drenched lips.
Forever entwined in me.
Every ethereal moonlight, i wanna be beside you.
With every touch,
Blooming my petals.
Unwinding by every touch.
That awakens our souls.
You look at me,
Like i am the bud blooming only for you.
I cringe my arms, around me.
When i miss your embrace…
And breathe in a gush of air.
Which contains your aroma.
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I drop in you like a droplet on the leaf..

The way you hold me closer.
Is like, you are proud to be mine.
Your touch melts me away in your arms.
I could feel your breath.
Whispering in my ears.
Tickling my skin.
And enchanting my mind.
As i am lost in your breath.
Your fingers tickle down me.
Knowing where exactly i will be mesmerized.
When it goes…
Your arms tighten the grip.
Instead of freeing myself.
I want to be tangled more in yours.
Wishing to sink in you.
Your aroma is nerve cracking.
That i lose my thoughts,
Swiftly like a droplet…
Dropping in yours,
And disappearing in you…
Your fingers glide into spaces…
Where unknown treasures of pleasures hid.
You uncover them,
Like it’s meant for you.
As if it belongs to you.
As i lay enticed.
You own me, like a magnet.
Clutched to you.