Nearer even when far

Like a breath away,
You linger near me.
The moment i shut my eyes.
I feel your breath on mine
It is like we are closer, even when apart.
I could feel your skin,
Brushing mine…
Igniting a thousand hidden emotions.
And putting my butterflies in motion…
You are like that magic
Blooming my hidden passion…
Kissing away every pain in motion…
As you skim through the pages of my emotion.
Reverberating my heartbeat.
Like a drum syncing with every bee.
I skip with every kiss you plant on my petals.
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More Pain, More Happiness you are Rewarded with

It is said that ” the height of emotional pain we endure, measures the amount of happiness we gain”.What do you say? Happiness is not just a stand-alone emotion, it is a comparative emotion. If you notice, some people are overjoyed with even little things in life, because they have suffered the most inwardly and […]

More Pain, More Happiness you are Rewarded with

Be Different to Get a Unique Joy

We all are in a pressure cooker life. Hope you know what i meant.Yes, from the time we are born, we are asked to do things, meet the expectations of others and much more. In this hurdle, we forget what we like to do exactly and what we want from life. I remember the time […]

Be Different to Get a Unique Joy

A you want to escape??

We all are so used to this monotony that we are too lazy to even grab the door and walk away. We keep ourselves comfortable in the pain too that even pain becomes a habit to us.
Sometimes I end up drinking the same sugar-less tea, just because I am lazy to get the sugar from the cupboard and add it to my tea. We do this most of the time. Have you ever slept all night on the bed sweating just because you are lazy to switch on the fan?
It is sometimes possible that the exit to a better one is right over there, but we choose to suffer..a little more every day.
Wandering in agony and suffering the silence and grudge the world has for us. We are gradually becoming stronger and used to the pain or may call it numb.
Do we realize whats the pain-causing damage to us?

Do we ever realize what we can achieve by choosing to walk away from pain?
We hardly do.
So why not give it a try.


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Do we ever realize what we can achieve by choosing to walk away from pain?
We hardly do.
So why not give it a try.


Disarray as Me

Messed is me.
As my soul.
Reverberating with the melancholy of mayhem
Spurting across my mind.
Came in the gush of emotions.
That take. me to a valley of the lost.
The valley plunged me into memories.
That drowned me then.
I looked away into the darkness.
To hide into the silhouette.
To find peace.
Amidst the overshadowing threat.
I see dangling above my head.
Twisted soul was mine.
Disillusioned by the conflicts of my mind.
Which is tarnished by the gloom of my life.
Will i be escaping?
Will i be rescued ever?
Am i audible to the world?? Were the thoughts.? Booming in my mind…
As slowly i nurtured…
Into a flower that had thorns to fondle.
But I bloomed,
Even when the snow-covered me.
Or rain washed me.
Or when the sun burned me.
I stood alive.
In every storm of my life.
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